Who can file a complaint?

Any user can file a complaint. User means anyone who is receiving, has received or should have received services from a health and social services institution, as well as anyone requiring such services.

The representative of a user can also file a complaint, as can the heirs or the legal representatives of a deceased user.

For which services can complaints be filed?

A complaint may be filed against any service provided by:

  • a public institution such as a hospital center, a medical clinic, a residential and extended care center, a youth center or a rehabilitation center;
  • a foster family or a foster home attached to a public institution;
  • a private nursing home or private institution recognized by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux;
  • a regional board;
  • a community organization covered by the Act with respect to Health Services and Social services;
  • an enterprise or organization linked to an institution or regional board by a contract or service agreement;
  • an ambulance company (pre-hospital emergency services).