I think I have Panic Disorder? What do I do now?

Panic Disorder is a serious medical condition. Symptoms are not due to stress or personal difficulties. Talk to your doctor if you think you have Panic Disorder. Remember to tell your doctor about all your symptoms no matter how small they may seem. Because panic attacks often take the form of physical problems, such as racing or pounding heart, your doctor will want to give you a thorough physical examination to rule out the possibility of any physical illnesses such as respiratory disease, thyroid, or digestive disorders.

There is no reason for you to suffer any longer. The symptoms of Panic Disorder will not get better on their own and early treatment can help the disorder from getting worse. It is important to understand that panic attacks can be reduced, and in many cases eliminated with the right medication and therapy. Talk to your doctor about what treatments are best for you.

A word about Suicide

The anxiety and distress of Panic Disorder can be so severe that some people think about hurting themselves or committing suicide. These thoughts can be very dangerous, especially it you are going through an episode of Depression. If you have had these thoughts or are having them now, see your doctor immediately. Help is available.

It is important to realize that thinking about suicide is not shameful; it is part of the illness. Share all of these thoughts with your doctor. He/she can help you through this period and give you medications that will ease the pain and make you feel better or he/she may recommend psychological therapy to help you discuss your situation.