A self-test for Panic Disorder

Check "yes" if you had the indicated symptoms within the past month.

• Shortness of breath or the feeling that you are being smothered? Yes No

• Dizziness, unsteadiness or faintness? Yes No

• Palpitations or a rapid heart beat? Yes No

• Trembling or shaking? Yes No

• Sweating? Yes No

• Choking? Yes No

• Nausea or abdominal upset? Yes No

• Feelings of unreality or being detached as if watching yourself from afar? Yes No

• Numbness or tingling? Yes No

• Flushes or chills? Yes No

• Chest pain or discomfort? Yes No

• Fear of dying? Yes No

• Fear of going crazy or of doing something uncontrolled? Yes No

1. Do these symptoms come together to reach a peak in 10 minutes? Yes No

2. Do you worry about these symptoms, avoid places that might trigger an attack, or avoid situations and places that you cannot escape from if an attack occurs? Yes No

If you have answered "yes" to at least 4 of the symptoms and/or "yes" to either of the above two (numbered) questions, you may have Panic Disorder and you should see your doctor.