Key Truth #2: Depression and chronic anxiety are common

How common? We now know that over the course of a lifetime

  • 17% of people will experience depression
  • 5% of people will experience generalized anxiety disorder
  • 3-13% of people will experience social anxiety disorder
  • 1-2% of people will experience panic disorder

This means chances are good that many people you know will either go through these illnesses themselves, or know someone who will.

Today, it's also known that more women are diagnosed with depression, chronic anxiety and/or panic disorder than men -- the ratio is about 2:1. However, it's not known whether this is just because women have symptoms that are easier to recognize, or whether women simply seek help more often.

Although these disorders are common, they can make you feel very alone. Really, nothing could be further from the truth. And talking to your doctor about your experience is the first step to feeling better.

Key Truth #3: Depression and chronic anxiety are treatable

Talking to your doctor about peace of mind

As we stated earlier, everyone deserves to have peace of mind. And today, there are effective treatments for depression, chronic anxiety and panic disorder that have helped guide many people towards it. Some of these treatments include talk therapy (psychotherapy) and medications.

Since everyone experiences these disorders in their own way, treatments should be individual, too.

How do you find an appropriate treatment for you?

It all starts by having an open, honest discussion with your doctor. Sharing your feelings can be difficult, but remember -- you don't have to live with the symptoms of depression or chronic anxiety. After all, your doctor is there to help. He or she has experience in treating these illnesses, and is ready, willing and able to lead you towards peace of mind.