Maryz Den - a personal website, a hideout


This is a personal website, a hideout. My psychologist suggested that I jot down my thoughts. Since I'm more at ease with the keyboard than a pen, I thought of putting it on the computer. However, my computer is rather temperamental and I keep losing information. So I decided to put it on a website; that's gotta be more secure, right? I think so (I hope).

I don't have a clue on the structure of the website i.e. I have no clear objective. I would be posting my idle thoughts (boring!), pictures, shorthand info, psychological info, etc. I would just let it evolve; we'll see where it'll take us. One thing that I'm sure of ... I'm not gonna post a picture of myself ... why? because I'm not white (ashamed). That doesn't mean though I would not put pictures of other people.

Shorthand Alphabet
Common Short-Words (standard)
Fables in Shorthand
Pictures of Princess
Feeling Down

Vous avez les bleus ?
Your Guide to Panic Disorder
A Guide to Depression
Your Guide to Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia)
Guide du patient sur la Phobie sociale

Your Guide to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Your Peace of Mind
Understanding Depression
Les photos de la France
Les photos de la Nouvelle France
(New France)

Pictures of Greece
Short-Words Medium Set
Les photos de Corsica
American Sign Language Alphabet
Shorthand Particles

Pictures of Moroccan Bride
Think you may have Depression or Chronic Anxiety?
Pensez-vous être atteint de Dépression ou d'anxiété chronique?
Improving Services: How to use the Health and Social Services
Pour protéger les usagers et leurs droits

Objectif mieux-être : Vous pouvez surmonter la dépression
Complaint Examination System: Improving the quality of services
Le régime des plaintes : Améliorer la qualité des services
Quick Reference: I'm taking care of my health.
Aide-mémoire : Ma santé, j'en prends soin.

Guide du patient pour la chirurgie
Be Physically Active Each Day
Soyez actif chaque jour